Study Abroad


PATHE STUDY ABROAD was established in 1992 with the primary objective of addressing the need to provide assistance to an ever growing demand for Sri Lankan professionals and students to study in foreign countries. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the leading education and career consulting companies in Sri Lanka.

We at PATHE STUDY ABROAD firmly believe that the decision to relocate to another country is not always easy and straight forward as normally perceived, it can be ridden with apprehension and worry of the unknown and good advice can make the difference between success and failure. Moreover, the procedures involved in itself may be complicated and expensive, if not followed correctly.

With PATHE STUDY ABROAD as your consulting partner, your decisions are based on valuable pertinent information that assures success.

PATHE STUDY ABROAD assists students seeking admissions into institutes of repute in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Singapore, etc. through its specialized counseling divisions.  Our teams are highly trained to provide quality consulting on higher education abroad as well as advice on graduate career outcomes. We believe that studying abroad is a huge investment made by families and thus it is important that you get accurate and well researched advice so that you are successful in fulfilling your long term career goals.

Our professionally qualified and trained counselors guide you to select programs that serve long term career goals and are attuned to and complement your academic and personal backgrounds.

In simple we help you chase your dream.


We provide the following services

  • Career Counseling in an international perspective
  • Appropriate Course Selection
  • Personalized Profiling
  • Visa formalities
  • Pre departure Orientation
  • Advising you on the customs and culture of your intended destination
  • Information on part time jobs and the rules and regulation of part-time work in the country you opt for education
  • Information on boarding and lodging
  • Travel arrangements
  • Foreign exchange
  • Any other services from filling application to achievement of visa.

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