Scholarship and Finance


Attending PATHE Academy, like most educational institutes, takes an investment. The good news is that you aren’t in this alone. We invest in you too, by making merit awards and need-based financial aids available to help meet those expenses.
PATHE offers a wide variety of scholarships including Ambassador Scholarships, Need based scholarships and Merit based scholarships. Some of scholarships cover full tuition fee and some cover partial tuition fee. Students are eligible to apply for scholarships if they have been offered a place to study on a full-time or parttime study programme at the PATHE Academy. Only limited number of scholarships will be awarded.

Application deadline for scholarships is early than the application deadline of courses. So please apply for your scholarship early. It is highly important to submit the complete application with all requested information and the supporting documents in order to process the application. If you need any support to fill the online application please feel free to contact our technical supporting team via it@unconsortium.com.

For further details please contact the student coordinator +94112502012.

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Scholarship Application Form.


If you are a high achiever, PATHE Academy wants to help you accomplish everything you possibly can as a PATHE student. One of the ways we do this is through a variety of scholarships. Most awards are for academic achievement, while others go to talented athletes, performers and artists. There is a high competition for this scholarship and only limited number of students with high achievements will receive this scholarship.

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Scholarship Application Form.


Need-based grants are awarded based on the combination of financial level of the family and academic merit of the student.

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Scholarship Application Form.


Ambassadors are active representatives of the Academy.

The Ambassador Scholarship recognizes and provides financial support for outstanding students who wish to act as ambassadors for the PATHE Academy.

For each intake we provide 6 Ambassadors scholarships. This scholarship covers 50% of tuition fee.

International Ambassadors

International students are welcome to apply for the scholarship. Preference will be given for students from Maldives, Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Nepal.

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Scholarship Application Form.

Financial study loans

PATHE academy is in agreement with HNB, a reputed bank in Sri Lanka to offer a special study loan scheme. Click the link below to see the checklist required for the loan.

Check List for student loan HNB Student Loan

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