Rules & Regulations

  1. The People’s Academy for Tertiary and Higher Education (Pvt) Ltd., Registration No: PV 11349 is herein after referred to as “PATHE Academy” throughout this Rules and Regulations document.
  2. A PATHE Academy student is treated as a person who has filled in a valid application form and possesses a Student ID Card of PATHE Academy. Such person will have a registered number and will be registered in the Registration Book of PATHE Academy. All students should abide by all Rules & Regulations of PATHE Academy. PATHE Academy has the right to change the rules and regulations without prior notice. Such changes will be updated and displayed in the website of PATHE Academy.
  3. All students should fill and sign an Application Form. The names written on the Application Form will be used on the Degree, Diploma or other Certificates.
  4. The address written on the application will be used for all correspondence.
  5. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain the commencement date of the course from the Counselors and have it attested on the Student Card. The classes will commence according to the dates issued. If a commencement date is not given, it is the responsibility of the student to check the class schedules and attend the class. The time tables, class schedules will be updated daily on our website.
  6. If a successful student needs extra letters or duplicates of certificates after or while studying, they will be issued only on stipulated payments (for foreign programs check with the Course Coordinator). The normal procedure is 5 -7 working days after a written application is submitted to the Academic Head.
  7. Students are required to have their Student Card on their person when they attend the classes and the Academy premises. It is recommended to get the Student Card attested with all payments at all times. Student Cards should be produced at the Laboratory, while obtaining course materials, in the Library, at the time of issuing certificates and for all other matters relating to the programme.
  8. All payments are supported with a receipt. Students are required to obtain receipts and secure the bills throughout their relationship with PATHE Academy.
  9. In the event of loss of Student Cards, the replacement of duplicate cards will be made on payments according to the relevant fee structure.
  10. All students are required to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance. Those who do not comply with this rule will not be permitted to sit for assessments and examinations. There will be assessments, tests, exams, assignments and project work, as the case may be and shall be graded. The marks of assessments and exams will be issued within one month of the examinations. Those who does not successfully pass exams and full fill the requirements of the academic council will not be issued with Certificates/Diplomas, etc.
  11. All payments need to be made according to schedules of the each course. A penalty shall be calculated for each delayed payment. Students who do not pay their fees on time on stipulated due dates will not be permitted to enter the classroom unless an official letter signed by the Director of Studies or the Accountant is produced and such will provided only for valid reasons. Students who have overdue fees of more than sixty (60) days will be treated as expelled from the course.
  12. PATHE Academy will not entertain any request of students while financial dues exist.
    PATHE Academy will not refund Registration or Programme Fees once paid, unless the programme is cancelled after two (2) months from the date of the initial date of commencement as stipulated in course details. This applies to PATHE Academy as well as foreign programmes.
  13. PATHE Academy reserves the right to postpone (within a two (2) month period), the programme commencement date due to unavoidable circumstances. The new dates will be advised to students by mail, to which students should respond with their comments within ten (10) working days.
  14. Transferring of locations and changing dates and times of classes for any student will be at the discretion of PATHE Academy.
  15. PATHE Academy has the right to reschedule or cancel classes due to unavoidable circumstances, to which alternative dates will be fixed together and agreed with the students within the course duration period. Such re-scheduled classes will be held within three (3) months of the date of cancellation.
  16. Students who do not attend classes for two (2) continuous months will be treated as vacated the course. Such students, who continue with new batches, will pay 50% of the fee.
  17. PATHE Academy is not obliged to repeat or arrange extra classes for lessons/ exams/practical and assessments missed by students.
  18. The lectures, classes, dates and times of classes will be changed only by the Administration of PATHE Academy. The lecturers or students are not entitled to change or cancel classes.
  19. The programme fees should be paid regularly, regardless of whether or not the students attend classes.
  20. If any student joins the programme late (i.e. in the middle of the study process), such student shall pay the total fees regardless of the classes missed. Student should also note that PATHE Academy will not be able to issue documents of completion of the programme until the entire duration of the programme is covered by the student.
  21. Students should ensure excellent behavior and conduct inside and outside PATHE Academy, in keeping with the prestige and goodwill of the Academy. Smoking, committing acts of vandalism, eating, under the influence of alcohol, gambling, fighting or committing acts of disturbance, littering, removing the Academy’s properties or belongings of other students without permission, misbehaving, disrespectful behavior and insubordination to lecturers and officers, use of mobile phones and pagers while in classroom is strictly prohibited. Students should always be decently clad.
  22. On completion of the course, students will be sent notifications requesting that they report to PATHE Academy, to fill in a “Request for Certificate” form. They need to fill in this form for a certificate for the course followed. Students will be issued their Certificates for the course followed with PATHE within one (1) month of completion of the course, provided all payments, tests and any other requirements are fulfilled.
  23. Successful students who fail to pay the total fees or collect the certificate within one (1) month of receiving the notification from the PATHE Academy, will be required to pay an administrative fee according to the relevant fee structure, and complete all the payments to receive certification. Processing of the certificates will take at least one (1) month from the date of submission of the certificate application to the PATHE Academic Council.
  24. Students who do not collect their certificates within one (1) year from the date of the completion of the programme shall be issued certificates after a payment according to the relevant fee structure. The maximum duration a student will receive to collect his/her certificate will be two (2) years. Students who show up later for this purpose will not be entertained.
  25. Only medical certificates issued by an MBBS qualified doctor, registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council will be accepted as an excuse for absence, and in such circumstances, missed exams, assessments, practical, classes should be submitted to the Academic Section within ten (10) working days.
  26. Our affiliated programmes with foreign universities have their own requirements, academic routines and payment systems. Such payments and registration, applications, etc., should be done according to the foreign (external programs) terms. It is the responsibility of each student to check the deadlines for registration of various activities of the foreign institutions. PATHE Academy will not be responsible or accountable for the afore mentioned institutions’ actions.
  27. Differences or disputes will be decided by The Chairman/Rectors, whose decision shall be final and binding.
  28. PATHE Academy will not entertain any verbal information between students, staff or lecturers. All problems or requests will only be officially entertained by email: academic@patheacademy.org . If a response is not received within seven (7) working days, students are required and requested to contact the Secretary-Academic.