HND in Psychology

The Higher National Diploma in Psychology is specifically created by PATHE Academy to provide individuals who wish to go beyond the boundaries of their academic careers. And also provides a recognized, reputed qualification in psychology, mainly for the individuals who wish to pursue a career in psychology. No previous qualifications in Psychology are required, but an interest in Psychology and a commitment to two years of study is essential. There is a range of assessment methods applied with an emphasis on applied assignments. The course appeals to a wide range of students, from those who have completed a traditional route through Ordinary Levels or a foundation programme.

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Why HND in Psychology?

HND in psychology allows a person to gain useful insight into how different stimuli alter the functions, actions, and reactions of the human mind and manifest as emotions, needs, and responsibilities. With this education, one learns the basic conceptual basis of psychology through which one can better relate to and communicate with others. Another useful result of studying psychology is that one gains the tools necessary to decode the true meaning of underlying motivations for every human interaction, which will serve one well in later interpersonal relationships. In order for an individual to achieve his or her goals, he or she must be able to interact and communicate with others to successfully avoid and overcome obstacles. By gaining a fundamental knowledge of human behavioral concepts and reasons, one can improve one’s likelihood of achieving one’ s personal and professional goals.

This course will prepare you to enter a Psychology degree programme, or enter directly into employment in psychology field. Once you have successfully completed this course you will be able to use your HND in Psychology Studies as a qualification to enter into university, complete a final year of study, and obtain a full degree.

PATHE Academy enjoys status of being the exclusive private educational institution in Sri Lanka to provide a wide range of programmes in healthcare sector since 1996. The programme curriculums are designed according to the international standards & are upgraded yearly in order to meet the ever¬ changing employment demands.
THE RECOGNITION: The Healthcare qualifications are highly recognized in most countries and educational and governmental establishments all around the world. We are proud to mention that PATHE health programme graduates are working in more than 20 countries including UK, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, Finland Dubai and Cyprus. PATHE HND is recognized by the Health Ministry of Sri Lanka, Maldives government. PATHE work together hand in hand with Ministry of youth affairs on training under the SCR platform. Our corporate clients in health sector includes Sri Lanka NAVY, Asiri Hospitals, Golden Key Hospital, Prarthana Fertility Center, Park Hospitals and other major healthcare providers of the country.

Further education opportunities:

Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences –Psychology TOP UP

The successful HND Nursing students can enroll in the Graduate Diploma in health sciences Psychology TOPUP programme which leads to guaranteed admission in the MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA)- Health Care Leadership programme in the Cleary University USA.

Graduate abroad: Admission for 2nd year/Credit exemptions of Degree programmes in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Belarus, Malaysia. Contact PATHE-Study Abroad for more information.

Programme delivery

The programme is full time based. The programe is delivered with emphasis stressed to vocational aspect of the course and but not limiting to class room theory, assignments, exams, class room practices, demonstrations ,job training and internships. Some of our modules may be delivered fully or party online or through video presentations. PATHE Academy reserves the right to change the venue, date and time for some modules and practical which will not be more than 30% of the whole programme.
Park hospitals, a leading private hospital complex in Sri Lanka is the Official practical training provider for the PATHE healthcare programmes. The delivery of the programme includes one day compulsory hospital demonstration work at Park Hospital.

1st Year


• Physics 1
• Biology 1
• Chemistry 1
• College Algebra
• Introduction to Physical Science
• General Psychology
• Physical Fitness and Gymnastic
• English


• Plane Trigonometry
• Biology 2
• Psychological Statistics
• Developmental Psychology
• Physics 2
• Mathematics 1
• Chemistry 2

2nd Year


• Study and Thinking Skills in English
• Anatomy and Psychology 1
• Computer Studies
• Personality
• Society and Culture w/Family Planning and HIV AIDS Education
• Individual and Dual Sports


• Speech Communication
• Anatomy and Psychology 2
• Current Issues in Psychology 1
• Experimental Psychology
• Psychological Psychology
• World Literature
• Foundations of Education
• Team Sports and Recreation.

Duration: 2 years and 6 months internship – Fulltime.


G. C. E. (O/L) Level with simple passes for Mathematics, Science & English.
or Foundation Diploma in Health Sciences conduct by PATHE Academy or Equivalent education which will satisfy the academic council of PATHE Academy.
RPL : Special consideration and credit exemptions will be given to those who have past experience & qualification in the medical sector related to the HND programme.
All applicants should be with good command in English and be able to pass an aptitude test.

Next intake date

  • 9th July 2017
  • 24th September 2017

Enroll for the programme:

Deadline for applications are 2 weeks before the commencement date:
To enroll you are required to come in person with 2 color photos, all educational and work experience documents and meet our Counselor Or chose the online enrollment option to pay by credit card or through bank.

For further information contact the Course Coordinator +9721 566 566 
Financial assistance:

Visit financial assistance page for scholarship schemes and loan schemes

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Course Information
  • Course Id:MEDHNDPHY
  • Days:Monday to Thursday
  • Timings:9.00am to 4.00pm