HND in Bio Technology

Pathe Academy HND in Bio technology aims to train personals that have strong interest in both theoretical principles and experimental skills in the field of Medical Sciences. The course includes more developing subjects & areas like genetics, biotechnology, & molecular biology. In the first two semesters of the course, students will be exposed to foundation core courses in Biological Sciences. The emphasis shifts to applied sciences in the second half of the programme in which students learn in-depth with the practical exposure. Apart from building strong fundamental knowledge and experimental skills, soft/generic skills such as teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills of students will be developed through regular group work and presentations. Students also get opportunities to get exposure in an actual hospital set up with the supervision of highly qualified professionals which is an added advantage.

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HND in Biotechnology

HND in Biotechnology is one of the most important discipline in today’s world as it introduces most of the new technological methods and methodologies which can be applied and make the life of humans and animals a better one. Therefore this is an emerging branch of applied sciences in today’s world. This does not limit its application only to the medical sector, but it gives privilege of its application in several other industries.

Why HND in Biotechnology?

This course deals with all the globally important and significant components of Biotechnology. It implies a broad theoretical and practical knowledge to the learners. Learners will be privileged to learn basic modules such as cell biology, chemistry for biology, biochemistry and specialized modules such as Molecular Biology and Applied Genetics, Biostatistics, Medical microbiology etc.
It also provides an introduction to laboratory techniques in their first semester and improves learner’s basic knowledge regarding the techniques used in basic laboratory so that they will be able to go for a continuous learning process while engaged in the laboratory practical sessions in the other modules. It also provides a wide opportunity for students to learn techniques for routine laboratory procedures, safety, and an overview of each area within the laboratory. The programme is best for those looking at high caliber career opportunities and further education.
PATHE Academy HND in Biotechnology could be considered as an international standard employment oriented tertiary and vocational program required globally.
The recognition
The qualifications are highly recognized in most countries and educational and governmental establishments all around the world. The programmes are accredited by Health Ministry of Sri Lanka under the number PHSRC/OMI/168 & with the Maldives Qualification Authority. We are proud to mention that PATHE Academy health programme graduates are working in more than 20 countries including UK, Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, Finland Dubai and Cyprus. PATHE HND is recognized by the. PATHE work together hand in hand with Ministry of youth affairs on training under the SCR platform within an existing MOU. Our corporate clients in health sector includes Sri Lanka NAVY, Asiri Hospitals, Golden Key Hospital, Prarthana Fertility Center, Hemas Hospitals, Park Hospitals and other major healthcare providers of the country.

Further education opportunities

Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences – MLT TOP UP
The successful HND students can enroll in the Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology TOPUP programme which leads to guaranteed admission in the MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) – Health Care Leadership programme in the Cleary University USA.
Graduate abroad
Admission for 2nd year/Credit exemptions of Degree programmes in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Belarus, Malaysia. Contact PATHE-Study Abroad for more information.
Cleary University in the USA
Study abroad
Admission for further studies abroad is possible for Undergraduate and post graduate level in UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Belarus, Malaysia. Contact PATHE-Study Abroad, professional overseas student placement consultant team for more information.
Programme delivery
The programme is full time based. The programme is delivered with emphasis stressed to vocational aspect of the course and but not limiting to class room theory, assignments, exams, class room practices, demonstrations, job training and internships. Some of our modules may be delivered fully or party online or through video presentations. PATHE Academy reserves the right to change the venue, date and time for some modules and practical which will not be more than 30% of the whole programme.
Park hospitals, a leading private hospital complex in Sri Lanka is the official practical training provider for the healthcare programmes. The delivery of the programme includes one day compulsory hospital demonstration work at Park Hospital.
Study modules
• Cell Biology
• Biochemistry
• Chemistry for Biology
• Laboratory Techniques
• Plant Physiology
• Immunology
• Animal Physiology
• Medical Microbiology
• Industrial Microbiology
• Analysis of Scientific Information & data
• Molecular Biology and Applied Genetics
• Bioinformatics
• Biology of Diseases
• Personal & professional Development
• Project
Duration: 2 years – Full time
Class times: Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm (the class times and dates for some modules may change)

Admission criteria

• GCE A/L two simple pass in either Biology or Chemistry with GCE O/L English Language – credit pass or
• GCE O/L with PATHE Foundation or other equivalent academic qualification which will satisfy the academic council of PATHE Academy.
• RPL : Special consideration and credit exemptions will be given to those who have past experience & qualification in the medical sector related to the programme.
• All applicants should be with good command in English and be able to pass an aptitude test.

Payment plan

• Enrollment fee: Rs.20,000/-
• Course fees: Rs. 490,000/¬-
• Installment scheme: Semester wise every 4 months RS.134,750/- * 4 semesters
• Lab fees: Rs. 20,000/-
• Library deposit: Rs. 15,000/-

Next intake dates

• 9th January 2017
• 19th June 2017

Enroll for the programme

Deadline for applications are 2 weeks before the commencement date:
To enroll you are required to come in person with 2 color photos, all educational and work experience documents and meet our Counselor or choose the online enrollment option to pay by credit card or through bank.
For further information contact the Course Coordinator +94720239745

Financial assistance

Visit financial assistance page for scholarship schemes and loan schemes
*conditions apply

Course Information
  • Course Id:MEDMLTSIG
  • Credit:TBA
  • Room:TBA
  • Timings:TBA